Nov 7, 2007 — None of the 10 security officers videotaped sleeping on the job at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station earlier this year admitted to being inattentive to their duties, according to a report released by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Monday.

During interviews with NRC officials, those same guards did not acknowledge that they witnessed anyone else being inattentive while on the job.

The report details the findings of an NRC augmented inspection team that in September reviewed the plant's then Wackenhut Corp.-run security program.

The commission launched that inspection Sept. 21 after it viewed a video provided by a Wackenhut Corp. guard that showed fellow officers nodding off in the plant's ready room.

Despite guards sleeping on the job, the NRC review found that security of the plant was not in jeopardy because of the inattentiveness of the 10 now-former officers.

Other security measures, such as physical barriers and motion detectors, factor into the safety of the power station, said Neil Sheehan, an NRC spokesman.

In the course of the Sept. 21 inspection, NRC officials found that some of the guards they interviewed didn't consider closing their eyes or putting their heads down on the table for a long period of time as example of inattentiveness, according to the report.

"In the nuclear industry, that is considered inattentiveness," said Bernadette Lauer, a plant spokeswoman.

The NRC's inspection team commended the plant's immediate actions in response to the videotaped guards as appropriate to ensuring the continued security of the power station, according to the report.

On Monday, the NRC launched a follow-up augmented inspection at the plant to determine if the power station's corrective actions in response to the videotaped guards are sufficient enough to prevent the event from happening again, Sheehan said.

One of the plant's main corrective actions was to fire its security contractor, Wackenhut Corp., and establish its own in-house force.

Exelon Nuclear runs Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and created Exelon Nuclear Security, which took over security Nov. 1, Lauer said.

"The transition has gone real well," she said. "The officers are positive and upbeat."

Sheehan said one of the tasks of the week-long inspection will be to examine Exelon's plan to transition to its own security force.

Another item on the inspection list is to ensure that security managers at the plant are trained to identify any indications that workers are not able to complete their jobs, he said.

Lauer said the power station now has both plant and security managers keeping an eye on its officers.

In its initial inspection, the NRC found that the ready room, the secure location where guards were taped sleeping, was dimly lit and had poor ventilation.

The plant has since improved the temperature control in the room and has installed a computer that officers can use.

A security supervisor is stationed in the room on a regular basis and the plant has removed a filing cabinet that had blocked the one window that looks into the area, Sheehan said.

Security supervisors also perform random radio checks with all the plant officers to help enhance alertness.

"We will continue to remind all plant employees that inattentiveness is not acceptable," Lauer said.

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In response to videos that showed guards sleeping at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, the plant has taken the following corrective actions:

· Terminated its contact with Wackenhut Corp. and established its own security force, dubbed Exelon Nuclear Security.

· Briefed all security officers on fatigue and their responsibility of self-reporting.

· Plant management and security supervisors oversee the actions of the plant's guards.

· Implemented random radio checks to ensure alertness among its officers.

· Improved conditions in the plant's ready room, including better temperature controls and the installation of a computer.