Local lawmakers seek no-fly zone over Indian Point
By Erin Kelly
[Poughkeepsie] Journal Washington bureau

August 1, 2007

WASHINGTON -- Hudson Valley lawmakers are seeking to create a no-fly zone over the Indian Point nuclear facility to protect the plant and the 20 million people who live near it from possible terrorist attack.

Democratic Reps. Nita Lowey, Maurice Hinchey, Eliot Engel and John Hall introduced a bill Wednesday in the House to allow Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to prohibit planes from flying over the Buchanan, Westchester County, nuclear plant.

"Millions of Americans live and work in the shadows of Indian Point, and we know terrorists have considered nuclear facilities as targets," said Lowey, who serves on the House Homeland Security Committee. "It's unconscionable to allow airplanes anywhere near this facility."

An airspace redesign proposal by the Federal Aviation Administration does not show any routes over Indian Point. However, the New York lawmakers are concerned because the plan does not specifically prohibit planes from flying over the facility. They also have criticized the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for failing to take any action.

"There is absolutely no need for the FAA to keep the door open and potentially allow planes to fly directly above Indian Point," Hinchey said. "Even if we just considered the possibility of a plane having an accident it makes no sense to allow flights over a nuclear power plant, but when we factor in the risk of a potential terrorist attack by air against Indian Point it becomes abundantly clear that we need to act now and seal off this area."

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal