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Nuke Plant Information on Web Considered Security Threat By Watchdog Groups

 WASHINGTON -- A security consultant with a citizen watchdog group claims that a list containing sensitive nuclear facilities' information that was inadvertently leaked to the Internet could provide terrorists with the tools needed to formulate a plan to attack a commercial nuclear plant.

High-quality Satellite Images a Security Concern

 Three Mile Island Alert Security Consultant Scott Portzline recently directed a statement of

concern to the Secretary of Homeland Security: 


Dear Secretary Napolitano, 

There now exists a very serious compromise of security at our nation’s 

nuclear power plants. Due to the very high quality of satellite images, terrorists 

Giant Steam Generators to be Moved from Maryland to TMI


510-pound parts for refurbishing again plant



By P.J. Reilly

Staff Writer, Lancaster Newspapers


State, county and municipal officials are making preparations now for the "monumental" journey of two gigantic, 510-ton steam generators, which will travel the length of Lancaster County as they move from Maryland to Three Mile Island.

To accommodate the generators, which are 70 feet long and 13 feet tall, temporary bridge bypasses must be built, overhead utility wires, trees and traffic signals must either be moved or removed and roads must be closed to all traffic.

"It will be an event unlike anything we've seen in my lifetime, as far as moving something goes," said Barry Smith, Manor Township's manager. "I've seen them move houses, and I thought that was pretty cool.

"But this apparently is going to be staggering."

Still Cause for Concern at TMI

Security Is Better, but Steps Don't Go Far Enough

By Scott Portzline

In the summer before the 9-11 attacks, Al Qaeda operatives traveled to Three Mile Island on a surveillance mission. 


To read the full story, open pdf: 

What's Wrong With the NRC Fact Sheet on the 1979 Accident?


Re-published by Three Mile Island Alert - February 2009 

Originally published March 2004 


Because the Nuclear Regulatory Commission continues to publicize false 

information about the TMI accident, we correct the record once again. The 

NRC’s erroneous statements are listed in the red text which follows. 

“The main feedwater pumps stopped running, caused by either a mechanical 

or electrical failure, which prevented the steam generators from removing 




Nuclear Betrayal: One guard's story

To read more of John Schmidt's account of his post-9/11 work as a security officer at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant, see:


TMIA addresses NRC before Peach Bottom inspection

 "Perhaps most intriguing to our community is that it took four sleeping 

incidents at Three Mile Island (which is owned by the same company and 

contacts to the same security vendor) before the NRC woke up and announced a 

bizarre strategy to probe sleeping on the job."


To read the complete letter from TMIA to the NRC, open pdf.

Worker's Letter to Media following "sleeping guards" incident

"Exelon management is trying their best to try and minimize, if not suppress, the truth." 

 To read the complete letter sent by "a nuclear worker" sent on Nov 4, 2007 to regional media, open pdf. 

NRC letter to Exelon concerning inattentive guards at Peach Bottom

To view the NRC's letter to Exelon, dated Oct. 4, 2007, regarding the agency's inspection following an incident of inattentive security officers (sleeping guards) at the Peach Bottom plant, open this pdf.  

Lost And Stolen Nuclear Materials in the U.S.


Lost and Stolen Nuclear Materials in the United States

"Right now, people are being irradiated..."

By Scott Portzline

Radiation can harm people without their knowledge since one can’t see it, hear it, feel it, taste it or smell it. You can be quite certain that there are numerous radioactive sources in position to harm or ultimately kill someone. Some of these sources will have been intentionally placed to cause injury or even death. For example -- someone deliberately contaminated the water cooler at the National Institute of Health two years ago. 



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