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25 years after after... TMI Unit-2 periodically releases small amounts of radiation to the Susquehanna River. It is uncertain how much uranium and other radioisotopes remain inside.

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Please send comments to the NRC in support of TMIA's Petition asking the NRC to amend its regulations regarding emergency preparedness.
We are asking the NRC to require that all host school pick-up centers be at a minimum distance of five to ten miles beyond the radiation plume exposure boundary zone to ensure that all school children are protected in the event of a radiological emergency.
Eric Epstein, Chairman, TMI-Alert

Evacuating Three Mile Island: A Parent's Perspective

Concern over French nuclear leaks
Beyond Nuclear: Nuclear Power and France: Setting the Record Straight

Harris, Oconee and Most U.S. Nuclear Plants Plan to Violate Fire Safety Rules for Many Years to Come

Judges question Yankee review

NRC proposes $6,500 fine against PA company for violations of  NRC requirements

Report doesn't urge guards at nuclear plants' entrances

TMI-Alert Rejects NRC's Watered Down Security Rules

Ex-NUMEC worker's body exhumed after 40 years

AS I SEE IT, ERIC J EPSTEIN: Taxpayers shouldn't have to back N-power

NRC Publishes Annual Security Inspection Report To Congress

NRC Reaches Settlement with Chevron in Discrimination Case

Governor Rendell Appoints Joseph R. Powers As Acting Pennsylvania DEP Secretary

Nuclear Agency Weighs Attack Threat at Plants

BN: NRC Found Lax in Oversight of Fire Safety Regulations at Reactors

Toxic legacy: Scientists ponder task of labeling nuclear waste

TMIA's Comments Re: Draft Environmental Report for Susquehanna Nuclear Plant License Renewal Applications

TVA is in hot-water dispute

Disposal of nuclear waste nears crisis stage

Entergy's stance on decommissioning fund appears to change

NRC Receives DOE’s License Application to Construct High-Level Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain

Doubt grows around aging Vermont Yankee reactor

Judge allows Entergy's warm river discharge

PUC Releases Annual Report on Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act

U.K. waste next in line for Utah?

Patriot-News Oped: Activist reaches a compromise on TMI Unit 1, a realistic approach to meet energy challenges

TMIA: Comments on Environmental Scoping [at TMI]

TMIA: TMI's Economic Impact

PPL wants suit over nuke plans dismissed

York Daily Record Oped: NRC keeps us in the dark

State takes some nuke duties from NRC

Three Mile Island 29 Years Later: Nuclear Safety Problems Still Unresolved

Federal register notification about TMI Relicensing (starts halfway down middle column; requires Adobe Reader)

TIMA: "Nuclear Relapse: Three Mile Island at 29"
NY Times: TMI Anniversary

NRC Indicates Security Problem At Three Mile Island In Letter

Epstein v SRBC: Civil action seeking an injunction and immediate stay of all activities related to PPL Susquehanna’s implementation of a license extension and power uprates.

Exelon News Release: Noll Named Site VP at Three Mile Island

NRC Public Meeting to discuss license renewal process for Three Mile Island Unit 1, License Renewal Application Review.
Meeting Notice and Agenda

01/14/2008: Pa. homeland security spending lacked focus, oversight
01/26/2006: Minutes of a meeting between the NRC and PEMA

Nuclear regulators urged to revamp licensing oversight

Agency missed sleeping guards

Wackenhut Chief Exits as Reactor Guards Caught Asleep

Tape lit fuse for nuclear changes; Video of guards asleep at Peach Bottom could force NRC overhaul

Battle over TMI license extension

News Release: Exelon Nuclear To Take Security In-House
Exelon axes Wackenhut security

PUC Approves Lower Distribution Rate than Requested by PPL

Pa. House may restrict utilities

Exelon could escape fine over guards, NRC says

NRC Cites Former Susquehanna Nuclear Plant Operator

NRC Schedules Public Meeting for Dec. 3 on Results of Follow-Up Security Inspection at Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant

Petition asks that kids be moved farther from nuclear plants

Activist takes a drive on TMI

TMI by the Numbers (What Exelon Won't Tell You)

TMIA on Sleeping Problems at Peach Bottom

TMIA Press Release: PPL Fined $500,000 for Violation at Nuclear Plant
and Epstein’s Testimony and Reply to the SRBC’s Response of September 5, 2007
and PPL Settlement
and Susquehanna River Basin Commission fines PPL Corp. $500,000
and PPL settles water use claims

TMIA Asks NRC to Review Emergency Planning Prior to Relicensing

TMIA: SRBC Nuclear Water Permit Challenged; NRC Ruling Not to Examine Water Use Appealed

TMI Had Lasting Consequences

Epstein v. PPL Uprate Appeal (ASLB No. 07-854-01-OLA-BD01)

Petition & Request for Hearing (19950301-EPU-0572)
Enclosure 1 - PPL Susquehanna 1.4%; Enclosure 2 - Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

New Link posted to a campaign website from a coalition led by American Rivers

Notice of Intent to File Petition in Opposition to PPL Susquehanna, LLC Application

TMIA signs on to letter to NRC

TMIA petitions NRC on behalf of school children

PA: Citizens' group files concerns about PPL plan to expand Susquehanna nuclear plant

TMIA: Why Susquehanna 3 is a bad idea

TMIA: Fires prompt NRC warning

PUC v PPL Docket No. R-00072155 regarding request for 2.6% rate increase

York Sunday News: Peach Bottom: Worker lied in records

TMIA v PPL Susquehanna LLC

TMIA Asks NRC to Move Kids From Harms Way

TMI owner cutting jobs to the marrow

"What's Wrong with the NRC's 2004 Fact Sheet on the TMI Accident"

Clean Energy Info

TMIA/EFMR comments on NRC's Reactor Oversight Process

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