The Nuclear Industry

Problems at Other PA Reactors

At $24 billion in debt, what's next for TVA?

Security Flaws Exposed at Nuke Lab

Costs may slow nuclear upswing in U.S.

Nuclear settlement money little solace for survivors in Armstrong County

How We Almost Blew Up Ohio

Future Pilgrim plant owner is finally named

22 years on, Welsh farms still under Chernobyl shadow

Nuclear accident in Spain angers officials

Nuclear-Plant Analyses Ordered

Despite ruling, NUMEC woes endure

NRC warns of counterfeits; U.S. nuclear operators purchase counterfeit parts

NRC to give fatigued nuclear workers some relief

NRC Proposes $130,000 Civil Penalty Against Florida Power & Light for Security Violations at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

NRC to Discuss Results of Safety Conscious Work Environment Inspection at Peach Bottom

First U.S. nuclear plant contract in 30 years signed by Westinghouse

Nuclear Plant's Plans Upset Neighbors

Colombia says uranium find points to FARC's dangerous ambition

LA Times Opinion: Say No To Nuclear

Nuclear Power Industry Facing Unsustainable Growth Demands

NC WARN: NRC cut public out of meeting on new nukes

US Government Loan Guarantees For New Nuclear Too Small-NRC

Will U.S. become world's nuclear-waste dump?

Size of Florida outage may spark probe by federal energy agency

Presidential Candidates Backed by Nuclear Powerhouses

Mothers for Peace (MFP) Challenges NRC Secrecy

(Florida) Nuclear Costs Explode

The True Cost of Nuclear Power

NRC Releases FY 2009 Budget To Congress

San Onofre safety lapses disclosed

Nuclear Safety Rule Ignites Strong Reactions

Oyster Creek plant reports water leak - hat tip to the folks at Jersey Shore Nuclear Watch

Beyond Nuclear Lauds Decision by Congress to Investigate Nuclear Regulatory Commission Safety and Security Failures

Oak Ridge: Mystery casks of highly radioactive material were found in October 2005

Casey Demands Answers on Security Issues at Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear workers nearing payment

Ex-nuke guard demands investigation

Child cancer risk higher near nuclear plants: study

CATO: Why conservatives should join the left's campaign against nuclear power

NRC Proposes $65,000 fine for Exelon's Dresden Station

Will First Nuclear Reactor Become A National Park?

Panel weighs new information in Rocky Flats case

Okla.: Costs Make Nuclear Power Unlikely

Nuclear Plants Subject to Terrorism, Earthquakes, States Warn

Lawmakers question the safety of accepting Italy's waste imports

Nuclear firms to pay for river fixes?

Guards deny wrongdoing

Middle East racing to nuclear power

NRC: "The Importance of Enforcement"

Dozing guards gone from Wackenhut

Will lifting rate caps mean more nukes in PA?

UCS letter to NRC Commissioners about public meeting practice

UCS develops new web-tool for nuclear power plant safety information

Greenhouse Gasses and the Nuclear Renaissance
Nuclear power surge coming

Groups Urge Stockpiling of Nuclear Medicine; Ask President Not to "Flip-Flop" on Bioterrorism
Letter to Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

NIRS: 145 Organizations Release "Sustainable Energy Blueprint" To Phase Out Nuclear Power, End Energy Imports, And Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions

NRC News: NRC Sends Team To Review Peach Bottom Security
PA: U.S. to probe allegation of nuclear plant inattentiveness
PA: Nuclear plant manager fires security company
POGO: Security Warnings Ignored at Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant
and from the UK Guardian: NRC Accused of Ignoring Sleeping Guards   

City [Philadelphia] should sell PGW, PUC says

PA: PPL fires and sues its siren installer

UCS: Energy Bill Could Hurt Taxpayers with Nuclear Handouts

NV: EDITORIAL: A rare victory over Energy Department

Riverkeeper Comments in Support of Docket No. PRM-50-85
Pilgrim Watch Comment in Support of Docket No. PRM-50-85 Finnish Nuclear Fiasco

NRC News: License Renewal Application for Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant Available for Public Inspection

IEER - Comments to the Science Advisory Board of the EPA on "Reference Man" and Radiation Protection

PA: State Investigates Bird Deaths along Susquehanna River, EMFR Monitoring Group releases the following:
The readings from all 4 Harrisburg stations were normal for 22 and 23 August. There were some small increases from late 19 Aug through early 21 August. These were 1-1.5 microrem spikes of several hours duration typical of cosmic radiation activity. The spikes occur at all 4 stations at the same times, which is also an indication of cosmic ray activity. The State College station is inoperative, so [there are no] comparison measurements. Usually the Harrisburg and State College show increases at the same time from cosmic radiation."

NJ: Shameless shills (Editorial)

Nuclear safeguards: In pursuit of the undoable

NY: Armed Guard Found Asleep at Nuke Plant

CA: John W. Gofman, 88, Scientist and Advocate for Nuclear Safety, Dies

VT: Officials rule out Yankee sabotage [in tower collapse]
and VY tower collapse leads to calls for further safety review

NRC Proposes $3,250 Civil Penalty For Chambersburg, PA., Firm Over Temporary Loss Of Nuclear Gauge

Boston Globe Editorial: A river system in hot water

The mirage of nuclear power

PA: PUC Urges Consumers to Conserve Energy on During Extreme Heat, Offers Summer Heat Wave Tips

PA: Nuclear plans hinge on loans

PA: PPL reports earnings jump, raises forecast

NY: Local lawmakers seek no-fly zone over Indian Point

Earth Track: New Information on Energy Subsidies and Subsidy Reform

DC: Energy Bill Aids Expansion of Atomic Power

Landmark Energy Policy Study Points the Way to U.S. Energy Future without Fossil Fuels or Nuclear Power

PA: Apollo nuclear plant case drags on

Russia: Neo-Nazis behind attack on nuclear protestors in Siberia -police

PA: PPL's Brunner Island power plant among 50 dirtiest in nation

NV: National survey most Americans oppose Yucca (requires Adobe Reader)

PA: State PUC OK’s PPL rate-shift plan

Extinction or Innovation? U.S. Government Must Enact Clean Energy Policy

PA: Westinghouse nuclear power program gets boost

Las Vegas SUN: Editorial: A classified mess

National RPS: July's U.S. House Vote Crucial

Washington Post: Papers Detail Industry's Role in Cheney's Energy Report

PA: TMI Clears Itself of Sleeping on the Job

WNN: NRC rapped over gun accounting

ACEEE: Senate and House Energy Bills Provide Large Energy Efficiency Savings and Emissions Reductions

Washington Times Oped: Nuclear Lapse

NRC News: NRC Cites University Of Pittsburgh

PA: Senate passes bill taking $40M for cleanup fund

NY: Riverkeeper commends AG Cuomo's actions on Indian Point planning

NC: Keep KI pills salted away, officials say

New York Times: Secrecy Shrouds Accident at Nuclear Plant

Edmonton, AB, CA: Dangerous radioactive devices disappearing in Canada

NC: Energy workers to decide on union

Landmark Thermal Case: CT: DEP To Review Case Related To Millstone Water Discharge Permit
                                 and VT: Court blocks Vt. Yankee on water outflow

NRC Press Release: NRC Considering Request By Pennsylvania To Become An "Agreement State"

NJ: Oyster Creek radiation barrier hearing planned for September

Pottstown, PA: Terrorist risk for spent fuel not available for Limerick

ABC News Segment Causes Concern at the NRC

NJ: Oyster Creek renewal fails to clear state DEP

Toms River, NJ: Panel listens to public about Oyster Creek

AP: Low-paid guards at 'critical' U.S. sites

Salem Township, PA: NRC shouldn’t give nuclear plant permission to increase its power

AP: NRC seeks to keep nuclear plant guards in Pa. more alert with new rules

Hazelton, PA: TMIA looks to block PPL from increasing nuke plant output

Security Focus: "Data storm" blamed for nuclear-plant shutdown

Allentown, PA: Predictions of a 30% rate hike in 2010 likely to be on the low side

PA DEP: State Officials Continue Search for Stolen Nuclear Gauge 

CS Monitor Book Review: "The Atomic Bazaar": Terrorism and the nuclear arms race

AP: Indian Point nuclear plant critics on war path

NRC Demands Information from First Energy Regarding Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant (requires Adobe Reader)

NRC: Offsite Planning Deficiencies Identified during April 17, 2007 TMI Exercise (requires Adobe Reader)

Lower Hudson Journal News: Indian Point finds tritium in its sewers

New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution: Press Release
     Coalition Seeks Intervention in Support of MA. AG. Nuclear Waste Fuel Suit

ENS: New Jersey Warns of Terrorist Strike on Nuclear Plant

NRC: PROPOSED RULES Semi-annual agenda, 23597–23614 [07–1257]

York Sunday News: New fuel to cut leaks

Patriot-News: Safety-design rules approved for nuke plants

Patriot-News: NRC approves work-hour limits for some plant workers

Asbury Park Press: N.J. Files Appeal of Ruling on Reactor
and Asbury Park Press op-ed: State to NRC: See ya in court

TMI watchdog group marks 30th year

Philadelphia Inquirer: PEMA's chief is in Harrisburg hot seat (can't shovel snow)

UPI Analysis: "Nuclear reality doesn't mesh", Council on Foreign Relations

Albuquerque Tribune: Stolen state trailer found after 2 weeks

California: Nuclear Revival Dies in Committee, Bill to lift 30-year state ban defeated

TMI owner cutting jobs to the marrow

San Luis Obispo Tribune: Diablo ideas hit funding problem

Philadelphia Inquirer: Disaster management plans kept from sight

Astro Turf: The Emergence of Fake Pro-Nuclear Grass Roots

Union of Concerned Scientist report regarding inadequate NRC oversight for new and aging nuclear plants.

Seven Companies to Seek License To Build Nuclear-Power Plant

Lost and Stolen Nuclear Materials in the U.S.

Lawsuit against NRC over considering terrorist attacks in licensing
TMIA joins lawsuit

Three National Nuclear Security Administration employees with top-secret security clearances and "emergency operations responsibilities" have fake degrees.

The Politics of Energy: Nuclear Power

A Question of Waste

Deregulation leaves reactors two steps from a serious accident.

Oregon's "stranded costs" fight with PGE

Entergy pretends to be an environmental justice group

PECO & British Energy form AmerGen to buy US nuclear reactors.

News of Nuclear Ownership Changes

TVA's presell deal with Memphis Light

GAO says Nuclear clean-up fund falling short of target

What's wrong with "Pebble Bed" nuclear reactors?

Deregulation and Power Outages

How does a deregulated power industy harm schools and taxpayers?

Lack of Truth in Advertizing

"Deregulated Regulation"

Who's to blame for the summer blackout?

Miscellaneous: Food Irradiation in PA