NRC Revokes License of West Virginia Company

NRC Revokes License of West Virginia Company
The NRC has issued an order revoking the license of a Huntington, West Virginia, industrial 
radiography company based on its submittal of inaccurate information and lack of a qualified 
radiation safety officer.
The NRC’s Office of Investigations conducted an investigation involving APINDE Inc., which led to a 
determination that in the company’s initial application to the agency for a license to use nuclear 
materials, as well as in related correspondence, APINDE submitted an inaccurate training 
certificate and inaccurate information regarding the recent radiography experience for the 
individual proposed as the radiation safety officer. In addition, the company subsequently 
requested a new radiation safety officer be added to its license, but submitted an inaccurate 
training certificate for that individual.
Following the NRC’s initial identification of the issues, the agency issued an order on Aug. 22, 2019,
suspending APINDE’s license. Although the company provided a response acknowledging the 
errors and stating it would take corrective actions, it failed to take steps to provide the agency 
with reasonable assurance that it had addressed the issues.
Based on this lack of action, the NRC is revoking the company’s license. The revocation and 
termination of the license will take effect within 30 days unless the company can demonstrate good 
cause for that not to occur.
A copy of the revocation order will soon be made available in the NRC’s electronic documents 
system, ADAMS.
APINDE cannot conduct NRC-licensed activities unless it applies for and receives a new license.