Nuclear fuel mismanagement threatens the US

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April 4, 2024
Hand holding small Godzilla toy in front of a large sign that reads "Make Nukes History" BLM Arizona visits a solar construction site on private land in August 2023. (Michelle Ailport/BLM Arizona)

Expanding the bull’s eye of solar development on public lands

The Bureau of Land Management wants to open a vast frontier of public land the size of Indiana to solar development. Read more.


Another state tries to weaken school vaccine rules

Anti-vaccine arguments have gained traction in legislatures across the United States. The governor of West Virginia recently had to veto a measure that would have allowed private and parochial schools to set their own requirements. Read more.

A widespread collapse of the US power grid system—triggered by solar storms, physical attacks, or cyberattacks—could threaten nuclear facilities, including overloaded spent fuel pools. Read more.


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New oil and gas projects threaten the world's ability to meet the Paris climate goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Read more.


"Just as the 20th century required extensive interventions to protect the shared environment, the 21st century is going to require extensive interventions to protect a different, but equally critical, common resource, one we haven’t noticed up until now since it was never under threat: our shared human culture."
— Erik Hoel, "A.I.-Generated Garbage Is Polluting Our Culture," The New York Times

It’s well past time for the United States to get serious about nuclear risk reduction and disarmament. But Washington won’t act unless we the people demand it. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference.

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