Tritium: Don't dump it! A Beyond Nuclear webinar

Tritium and the Nuclear Power Sector


A Beyond Nuclear webinar

Tritium and the U.S. Nuclear Power Sector is the first in our two-part webinar series on the threats to dump huge amounts of tritium (radioactive hydrogen) from the nuclear power and nuclear weapons sectors into our environment.
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 10:00-11:30 AM ET
What is tritium? Why is it harmful? What damage can it do in our environment and how does it get into the food chain and into our bodies? And are there alternatives to releasing it?
Speakers (pictured above, left to right) 
Dr. Ian Fairlie, an independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment and a tritium expert who will provide an overview of tritium and its pathways.
Mary Lampert of Pilgrim Watch, who will address Holtec’s plan to dump 1 million gallons of tritiated water from Pilgrim into Cape Cod Bay.
Michel Lee, a New York attorney with Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy, who will discuss the similar threat of tritium dumping by Holtec from New York’s Indian Point nuclear power plant into the Hudson River.
A question and answer period will follow the presentations.
Outrage has been voiced from around the world at Japan’s plan to dump more than one million tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, contaminated mainly with tritium. But here in the US, water contaminated with tritium could soon be dumped into Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts from the closed Pilgrim nuclear power plant, and into New York’s Hudson River from the decommissioning Indian Point nuclear power plant.
Although Holtec has “paused” its plans to dump tritium for now from Indian Point and agreed to further study at Pilgrim, the company has few constraints from proceeding and could ignore public and state opposition.
Our second webinar, to be announced soon, will focus on environmental justice issues around the proposed tritium vapor release from Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as Japan's threat to dump tritiated water from Fukushima into the ocean.