Video: TMI and Community Health

Accident Dose Assessments 




Nuclear engineer and long-time industry executive, Arnie Gundersen gives a talk on his calculations of the amount of radiation released during the accident at Three Mile Island.  Mr. Gundersen's calculations differ from those of the NRC's and official industry estimates.


TMI & Health Effects

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Dr. Steven Wing's talk is about the long-term health effects to human, animal, and plant life in the aftermath of the accident at Three Mile Island.


Arnie Gundersen was a senior executive in the nuclear industry with over twenty years experience.  Mr. Gundersen holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  In 1990 he came forward as a whistleblower and was fired that same year.  Over the next several years, his case got a great deal of attention, and he testified before Congress during hearings on ways to protect whistleblowers.  Mr. Gundersen is now a prominent nuclear safety expert witness.

Steven Wing teaches epidemiology at the University of Northo Carolina-Chapel Hill and conducts research on occupational and environmental health.  Since 1988 he has collaborated on epidemiological studies of radiation exposures to workers at U.S. nuclear weapons plants.  His 1997 and 2003 articles published in Environmental Health Perspectives describe impacts of radiation from the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island on cancer rates near the plant.  His recent studies examine impacts of industrial animal production and environmental injustice.


These talks were recorded live at the Pennsylvania State Capitol on March 26, 2009.