NIRS: We Can't Afford the Cost of Doing Nuclear Business!


Dear Friend,
Irma and Harvey mark the first time on record that two category 4 or higher hurricanes have struck the U.S. mainland in the same year, both in states that have nuclear reactors. The potential danger is overwhelmingly apparent. At the rate at which we’re experiencing extreme natural disasters, how can we be certain the next one won’t trigger a Fukushima-like nuclear meltdown?
It’s ludicrous that the Trump administration would propose nuclear bailouts for this dying, dirty, and dangerous energy source. We have to stop Trump's $100+ Billion nuclear bailout!
The combined estimated damage from Irma and Harvey is about $290 billion. Where the feds will get the money for those repairs is a mystery to most of us. But the idea that Trump wants to give $100+ billion in bailouts to coal and nuclear power in the face of these dirty-energy-fueled disasters is unconscionable – it must be stopped.
Now imagine the Turkey Point reactors, 25 miles from Miami, which were in line for a possible direct hit from Irma, had been struck.  The financial cost would nearly double. Fukushima costs are still rising, currently sitting somewhere around $188 billion.  Which does not include the cost in human lives, trauma, health, and quality of life.
We cannot afford to let the Trump administration bail out the nuclear industry.
The stakes are too high. Our rapidly changing climate has triggered extreme and uncertain weather patterns. We can’t allow this danger to be exacerbated by an avoidable catastrophic nuclear meltdown.
Join NIRS in our campaign to Stop the Nuclear and Coal Bailout. Your contribution will be DOUBLED and will enable us to take action.

Thanks for all you do!

Tim Judson
Executive Director