NIRS: ACT NOW -- Say "NO!" to Trump's Nuclear-Coal Bailout!

Dear Friend,

The final deadline for the public to comment on the ludicrous bailout for nuclear and coal plants is Monday, November 7th.
Even if you already signed a petition or sent a comment, please do so again for this final round of comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).
The stakes could not be higher: On Wednesday, the acting chair of FERC told a group of industry executives and lobbyists that his agency is likely to "cast a lifeline to [nuclear and coal] so they can stay afloat."
And not only that - Commissioner Chatterjee signaled it could be just the first step to bailing out other dirty energy sources, like natural gas, that could block renewable energy from growing for years. 
We need to send a clear message: no bailouts, no subsidies, or incentives for nuclear power and fossil fuels are acceptable. 
Join us in telling FERC that our future is with renewable energy -- and we are not going to stand for more subsidies to dirty, dangerous, and costly nuclear power and coal!
And please be sure to share it with your friends.
Thanks for all you do!
Tim Judson
Executive Director
P.S. - Today, we kicked off the Don't Nuke the Climate campaign -- two weeks of action to stop nuclear power at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany.
The Trump administration, Russia, and other countries are trying to turn the Paris Global Climate Treaty into a GLOBAL NUCLEAR BAILOUT! NIRS is in Bonn to stop them with an international coalition of groups just like us, from South Korea to South Africa, India to Austria, Russia to Australia.
And join in the action on facebook and twitter. Your donations will support actions, demonstrations, press conferences, street theater, testimony, exhibits, and more -- and make sure the voices of communities affected by nuclear power, uranium mining, and radioactive waste are heard by global leaders deciding our climate future.