NRC Cites Former Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Reactor Operator for Violation of Agency Regulations‌

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Press Release

No: II-17-050 November 9, 2017

Contact: Roger Hannah, 404-997-4417

Joey Ledford, 404-997-4416


NRC Cites Former Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Reactor Operator 

for Violation of Agency Regulations

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has cited a former control room operator at the Turkey Point nuclear power plant for a 2015 violation of NRC regulations. The Turkey Point plant is operated by Florida Power & Light near Homestead, Fla., about 20 miles south of Miami.


The violation, issued to Devin Caraza, is in response to his actions that compromised the integrity of his written requalification examination required by NRC-licensed operators every two years.


The NRC has not issued an order prohibiting Caraza from NRC-licensed activities because he was not permitted to work his shift after the exam. FPL removed his access to the facility and his operator license was terminated at FPL’s request. However, the NRC’s letter notifying him of the violation also stated that any additional deliberate actions while engaged in NRC-licensed activities in the future could result in more significant enforcement or criminal action.