NIRS: ACT NOW: Don't Let Trump Nuke the Climate!

December 21, 2017

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your help to stop nuclear power this year and make safe, sustainable energy a reality. NIRS has been on the front lines, both at home and abroad, and we couldn’t do it without your activism and support.
Here in the U.S., we have mobilized to prevent Trump’s billion-dollar nuclear and coal subsidy all year long. And we need you to act once more, now. 
And our “Don’t Nuke the Climate!” activism can’t – and doesn’t – stop at the border. Last month, NIRS helped lead a global coalition to stop nuclear power, and promote urgent, ambitious action on climate change at the COP23 global climate conference in Bonn, Germany. One of our primary goals was to ensure nuclear power did not steal funds for renewable energy and fighting climate change. That’s right, no more bailouts for the nuclear power industry abroad or at home!

Save the climate from nuclear power in 2018!

The Green Climate Fund is being established to help countries most impacted by climate change deal with the impacts and transition to renewable and sustainable energy. In an effort to gain access to these funds, the nuclear industry is trying to position itself as a source of “clean” energy. 

The thought of dirty, dangerous, and expensive nuclear energy as a sustainable climate change solution is comical! But, unfortunately, the industry is deadly serious -- trying to horde every dollar it can from renewable energy and real climate solutions, to keep its dirty, dangerous business going. 

That’s why we’ve worked hard to spread the messages — #NuclearIsDirty and #DontNuketheClimate — and we are fighting for a nuclear-free, carbon-free world, at home and abroad.

And now we need your help to spread that message even further in the New Year!

At COP23, NIRS and the Don’t Nuke the Climate Coalition dialed up the pressure, highlighting the industry’s record of systemic environmental justice and human rights problems – from uranium mining and radioactive waste dumps, to Fukushima and Chernobyl. And we were successful! Delegates from Austria and Germany, activists from South Africa to India, united against the nuclear industrial complex and the havoc it wreaks on our lives and environment. 
As we continue our work in 2018, we need you to join us and we need your support. Please make a donation now, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar. 

The only sure way to stop the global warming impacts of energy use is to abandon nuclear power and fossil fuels and transition as quickly as possible to safe, clean, affordable and sustainable renewable, and efficient technologies and continue our cries of #DontNuketheClimate!

Thanks for all you do!

Tim Judson
Executive Director


P.S. If you prefer not to donate online, you can send a check made out to NIRS, 6930 Carroll Ave., Suite 340, Takoma Park, MD, 20912. Or you can make a donation over the phone – just call the office at 301-270-6477.