Tell Trump: Don't Spend Another Dime on Yucca Mountain!

Trump is up to no good on nuclear waste. Not only is the House considering H.R. 3053, the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 2017, which would allow high-level nuclear waste shipments through your state and across the country for the next 30 to 40 years. Last week, President Trump included $120 million in his proposed budget to restart the licensing of the failed, fundamentally flawed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project. 
Restarting the licensing process for the proposed Yucca Mountain repository is a total waste of money. This is a project certain to fail the NRC’s licensing process due to the geology and hydrology of the site that make it unsuitable for isolating spent nuclear fuel for the required time.
Yucca Mountain is located on sacred Native American land and is incapable of isolating nuclear waste. It is located on high-risk earthquake fault lines and vital water systems, with volcanic activity and a rising magma pocket near the site.
Trump’s proposed $120 million budget item would be a massive waste of money and put our nation’s nuclear waste policy on the wrong track. It ignores environmental concerns, Native American land rights and sovereignty and states’ rights to protect their residents and natural resources. It does nothing to make storing and managing nuclear waste less dangerous, wherever it is.
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Additional information on Yucca Mountain, H.R. 3053, and other resources are available on our Don’t Waste America campaign page
Thanks for all you do,
Mary Olson
NIRS Southeast Director