TMI Licensed for Another 20 Years

A watchdog group opposed the license renewal, citing radioactive waste and the costs of dealing with the damaged Unit 2, but decided against a challenge.

Friday, October 23, 2009




The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved Exelon Corp.'s request for a 20-year extension to Three Mile Island Unit 1's original operating license, which would have expired in 2014.

The renewal was expected. The nuclear power plant is in the process of replacing its steam generators and making other improvements. Its new license expires in 2034.

Three Mile Island Alert, a nuclear watchdog group, questioned the license renewal because of the radioactive waste that nuclear plants produce, the costs of removing fuel from the damaged Unit 2, the amount of water the plant uses and other factors.


However, members of the group decided against pursuing that agenda because they believed the renewal was inevitable, chairman Eric Epstein said. 

The NRC has renewed licenses for about 50 nuclear plants in recent years, and it hasn't rejected any. The agency works with plant operators to make sure necessary work is done during the renewal process, NRC spokesman Neil Sheehan said.

In the last five years, Exelon has invested more than $500 million into the plant.

Three Mile Island generates enough electricity to power about 800,000 homes each year. 


To read TMI-Alert's press release on the relicensing, open pdf: 



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