The Dark Side of Nuclear Power

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October 24, 2009      by Eric Joseph Epstein

In a place far away, not long ago, atomic scientists predicted the 

dawn of a new day where automobiles would be powered by nuclear fuel 

and weather could be controlled by atomic clouds. Their high priest  

promoted nuclear energy as "electricity too cheap to meter.” 

(Admiral Lewis L. Strauss, Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 

September 16th, 1954, in a speech by National Association of Science Writers


...The industry argues that the problem of greenhouse gases can be 

solved by building more nuclear power plants which they claim do not 

emit green house gasses – at the point of production. What they don’t 

tell you is what happens to the nuclear wonder pill before it is magically 

transformed into green penicillin. ... From the moment uranium is mined,

milled, enriched, fabricated and transported it releases large quantities of

airborne pollutants.  

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