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DEP Announces $469,501 Settlement to Resolve Civil Penalties for United Refining Company Operating Violations


Subject:  Acceptance Review for Peach Bottom - License Amendment Request for Expanded Actions for LEFM Conditions (EPID L-2018-LLA-0230)


ADAMS Accession No. ML18254A204


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission resident inspectors at nuclear plants in the Carolinas and Virginia are reviewing the plant operators’ preparations in advance of Hurricane Florence, currently projected to make landfall in the Southeast later this week.

The NRC is also sending additional inspectors to those plants and will activate its regional incident response center in Atlanta, to provide around-the-clock staff support during the storm.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will meet in Delta, Pa., on Sept. 25, to hear the public’s views on environmental issues the agency should consider in review of the Exelon Generation application for an additional 20 years of operation for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

Units 2 and 3.


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has resumed its safety and environmental reviews of an
application by Interim Storage Partners to construct and operate a consolidated spent nuclear fuel
storage facility in Andrews County, Texas.


No: IV-18-013

August 24, 2018

Contact: Victor Dricks, 817-200-1128

NRC to Conduct Special Inspection at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will conduct a Special Inspection at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station to review events surrounding an Aug. 3, 2018, fuel-loading incident. The San Clemente, Calif., plant, is owned by Southern California Edison and permanently shut down in 2013.


Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Request for Additional Information - Relief Request I5R-06   (EPID L-2017-LLR-0059)

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Subject:  Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station, Units 2 and 3 - Request for Additional Information - Relief Request I5R-05 (EPID L-2018-LLR-0058)ADAMS Accession No. ML18226A201


In its petition to the NRC, Beyond Nuclear cited the potential
defects in nuclear reactor components manufactured by AREVA-Le Creusot
Forge (ACF). The defects involve flaws in the steel manufacturing
process that result in carbon macrosegregation, a condition marked by
excess carbon that can make the metal brittle and subject to sudden
fracture or tearing under high pressure.

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Susquehanna Steam Electric Station - Integrated Inspection Report 05000387/2018002 and 05000388/2018002
ADAMS Accession No.  ML18221A500