The Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island

[img_assist|nid=36|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=72|height=50] The account of the accident presented here is taken from the "Report of the President's Commission on The Accident at Three Mile Island"


Wednesday March 28, 1979

Thursday March 29, 1979

Friday March 30, 1979

Saturday March 31, 1979











Three Mile Island Witness Testimonials

History of TMI Unit-2

Chart of Radioactive Plume

"It was the first step in a nuclear nightmare..."

Three Mile Island Falsified Reactor Coolant Leak Rates

A Strange Coincidence

Link to Aileen Mioko Smith's Testimonies of Local Residents: 890327_TMI_Testament.pdf

NRC's 2004 Fact Sheet on the Accident at Three Mile Island

What’s Wrong With the NRC’s 2004 Fact Sheet on the TMI Accident?

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