Three Mile Island Alert Newsletter, (March, 2015)

March 2015

PUC Approves PPL Spinoff, Epstein Seeks Shareholder Vote

On March 11, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) approved the transfer of PPL Electric Utility Corporation’s indirect ownership interests in PPL Interstate Energy Company (PPL IEC) to a new entity called Talen Energy Corporation (Talen Energy). The approval also authorized the acquisition of Riverstone Holdings LLC of an indirect 35 percent ownership interest in Talen Energy.

What all that means is that PPL shareholders will own 65% of a new company, Talen Energy, which on its first day of operation will be one of the nation’s largest independent power producers and one of America’s biggest companies. The other 35% will be held by Riverstone, a private equity firm focused on leveraged buyout and growth capital investments in the energy and power sectors.

PPL, which for years was our locally owned and operated neighborhood utility, is now operating internationally and keeping company with venture capitalists like Riverstone, an enterprise with historic roots in companies like Enron and Goldman Sachs.

Interestingly, this is all taking place without the action being put to a vote of PPL shareholders. One of them, TMI Alert Chair Eric Epstein, says the transaction should be reviewed by shareholders. He requested that the company provide information to shareholders relating to a vote in materials circulated prior to PPL’s May 20 annual meeting. The company and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) opposed the request, but Epstein will appeal.

Related to this, at the NRC, PPL requested a license transfer for the Susquehanna nuclear plant in Berwick, which TMI Alert and PPL retiree Douglas Ritter, who lives 3.25miles from the plant, have opposed. TMIA and
Ritter raised concerns regarding Talen’s ability to properly operate and maintain the plant and provide funds to ensure its proper decommissioning. Epstein noted that the NRC downgraded PPL’s license status because of recent unexpected shutdowns at Susquehanna and noted, “It shouldn’t be about capitalization, but operating a plant efficiently, safely, and reliably.”


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Vigil Set for 36th Anniversary

Like every March 28th, safe energy activists will gather this year at the north gate of Three Mile Island at 3:15 a.m. to commemorate the 36th anniversary of the beginning of the nuclear accident. According to vigil organizer Gene Stilp, the group will be there for approximately one hour. Traditionally, the group meets for breakfast afterward.


Stilp Retires, sort of...

Though he’ll be at the annual vigil at TMI’s north gate, political activist Gene Stilp announced in February his retirement from pro- bono activism. His eye on the powers that be will be missed, as will his creative, thorn-in-the- side tactics. For example, when the Marcellus Shale Coalition staged a march last May to rally on the Capitol steps, Gene jumped in front of the march with a banner of his own reading:

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Reid, Heller Introduce Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act

For Immediate Release
Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015
CONTACT: Kristen Orthman

Reid, Heller Introduce Nuclear Waste Informed Consent Act
Heck & Titus Introduce Companion Bill in House

Three Mile Island Alert Newsletter, March 2015

Topics in this issue include:


PUC Approves PPL Spinoff, Epstein Seeks Shareholder

Vigil Set for 36th Anniversary

Stilp Retires, sort of...

Chernobyl Linked to Agressive Thyroid Cancers

Chernobyl Cleanup Workers Show Leukemia Increase

U.N. Report on Fukushima Risks Panned as Unscientific

Members Mourn Passing of Leaders

Epstein Appeals Approval for Peach Bottom to Up Power Output

Design Student Creates “TMI 35 Years Later”

Photo book on Fukushima in English on Sale in Kindle Format


This book was my challenge to break through the barrier of Japan's media industry's business downturn and self censorship and to deliver the news of nuclear disaster to the global audience. So please pass around this message on internet/SNS/ or by word of mouth.

Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


UGAYA, Hiromichi
Journalist / Photographer


NRC Issues Order to Honeywell to Address Discrimination Concerns

NRC Issues Order to Honeywell to Address Discrimination Concerns

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a confirmatory order to Honeywell International, Inc., requiring new training, communications, policies and guidance following an incident in which a contractor for the company terminated an employee, allegedly in part because the employee reported smelling alcohol on a supervisor’s breath while on duty.

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Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff (2.802 Petition for Rulemaking on In-Core Monitoring)

March 13, 2015

Annette L. Vietti-Cook
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, DC 20555-0001

Attention: Rulemakings and Adjudications Staff


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PPL Response to Shareowner Proposal (Spinoff Resolution)

March 10, 2015
Mr. Eric Joseph Epstein
4100 Hillsdale Road
Harrisburg, PA, 17112
Re:     Proposal for Shareowner Consideration at the PPL 2015 Annual Meeting
Dear Mr. Epstein:
In light of the expected filing date of our proxy statement this year and in accordance with Rule 14a-8 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, I have attached PPL Corporation's response to your shareowner proposal regarding PPL’s spinoff of its PPL Energy Supply, LLC business, together with your proposal, as each will appear in PPL Corporation's proxy statement this year if no-action relief for exclusion is not granted by the SEC. PPL’s submission of its no-action letter to the SEC to exclude your proposal from PPL’s proxy statement is still pending before the SEC.  If relief is granted by the SEC, we will exclude your proposal from this year’s proxy statement.
I would appreciate your confirmation of receipt of this e-mail by return e-mail.  Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Elizabeth Stevens Duane
Elizabeth Stevens Duane
Associate General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Two North Ninth Street
Allentown, PA  18101 


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Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 - Review of Steam Generator tube Inspection Report for Fall 2013 Outage (TAC NO. MF4192)

Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 - Review of Steam Generator tube Inspection Report for Fall 2013 Outage (TAC NO. MF4192)

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Annual Assessment Letter for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Report 05000277/2014001 and 05000278/2014001)

Annual Assessment Letter for Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Report 05000277/2014001 and 05000278/2014001)

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