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This report details how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission bungled an effort to create a new rule to require entrance guards at nuclear power plants.

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A summary of Peach Bottom sleeping guards incidents 


March 2007: John Jasinski sends the Nuclear Regulatory Commission a letter alleging guards are sleeping throughout the nuclear plant in York County, Pa. The NRC refers the concern to plant owner Exelon and security provider Wackenhut.

By Ad Crable 

Lancaster New Era Staff


A control-room operator at the Peach Bottom nuclear plant spent 10 minutes reading a novel, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission alleges.

The violation of federal regulations came to light while the NRC was at the plant for an inspection prompted by a 2007 incident in which security guards at the plant were filmed sleeping in an off-duty room where they were allowed to rest but not sleep.

The latest incident occurred in July 2007, according to a notice of violation sent to Peach Bottom owner Exelon Generation on Thursday.


To read more of John Schmidt's account of his post-9/11 work as a security officer at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant, see:


 "Perhaps most intriguing to our community is that it took four sleeping 

incidents at Three Mile Island (which is owned by the same company and 

contacts to the same security vendor) before the NRC woke up and announced a 

bizarre strategy to probe sleeping on the job."


To read the complete letter from TMIA to the NRC, open pdf.

"Exelon management is trying their best to try and minimize, if not suppress, the truth." 

 To read the complete letter sent by "a nuclear worker" sent on Nov 4, 2007 to regional media, open pdf. 

To view the NRC's letter to Exelon, dated Oct. 4, 2007, regarding the agency's inspection following an incident of inattentive security officers (sleeping guards) at the Peach Bottom plant, open this pdf.