Join us! Upcoming webinars on tritium; decommissioning

Beyond Nuclear Bulletin
May 4, 2023

A Beyond Nuclear webinar
Join us Tuesday, May 16, 10am-11:30am ET for Beyond Nuclear's first online teach-in on continuing threats to dump huge amounts of tritium (pictured) into our environment. Tritium in the US Nuclear Power Sector features: Dr. Ian Fairlie providing an overview of tritium and the harm it causes; Mary Lampert of Pilgrim Watch describing opposition to tritium dumping by Holtec into Cape Cod Bay from the closed Pilgrim, MA nuclear power plant; and lawyer, Michel Lee of the Council on Intelligent Energy & Conservation Policy, who will discuss the threat of tritium dumping from the Indian Point nuclear power plant in NY into the Hudson River. A future tritium teach-in will focus on environmental justice issues around a nuclear weapons lab and Japan's threat to dump wastewater from the Fukushima meltdown.
US-Russia citizen dialogue
Civil society organizations from the US and Russia are co-hosting an online conference to explore the environmental hazards of decommissioning nuclear power plants and ways to ensure the transfer of these facilities to a state that will be environmentally safe for present and future generations. The U.S.-Russia people-to-people online mini-conference takes place on Friday, May 19, 10am-12:30pm ET. Register here. Simultaneous translation will be provided. US and Russian speakers will explore ways to democratize the process and improve safety during decommissioning through greater transparency and effective interaction of stakeholders. They will also evaluate the opportunity for “autopsy” of decommissioned reactors to inform the condition of plants seeking license extensions.
Nuclear Leaning Tower of Pisa?!
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission revealed that six months ago, ground settling at the Davis-Besse reactor on Lake Erie in Ohio (photo) damaged fire-fighting water pipes. Additional settling across the site was discovered two months ago. The Toledo Blade reports: Toledo-based activist Terry Lodge said he hopes the NRC “will note the history of cracking of the shield building at Davis-Besse, which contains the nuclear reactor.” That cracking was attributed to the Blizzard of 1978 several years ago. But Mr. Lodge said effects of settling “might directly affect its remaining, and suspect, stability.” Lodge served as legal counsel from 2011-2016, as we challenged the dangerous cracking, and sought to block Davis-Besse's 2017-2037 license extension.
Let’s push back together
Nuclear reactors in war torn Ukraine remain in peril. Japan is threatening to start dumping 1.3 million tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear site into the ocean any day. The IPCC has released its most dire climate warnings ever and yet propaganda in favor of small modular reactors continues unabated. In the US, reactor owners are pursuing license renewals to extend reactor operations as long as 80 years. With no solution for the radioactive waste, minority communities are targeted with waste dumps. That’s why we need your support now more than ever to block these dangerous proposals and redirect policy to the fastest and most effective choices — renewable energy and energy efficiency. Please donate to Beyond Nuclear today.