JUNE 18 -- NRC Virtual Meeting to Discuss 2019 Safety Performance of Maryland and Pennsylvania Nuclear Power Plants

Licensees:                     Energy Harbor Nuclear Corporation
Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Susquehanna Nuclear, LLC
Facilities:                       Beaver Valley Power Station (Beaver Valley), Units 1 and 2
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant (Calvert Cliffs), Units 1 and 2
Limerick Nuclear Generating Station (Limerick), Units 1 and 2
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station (Peach Bottom), Units 2 and 3
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (Susquehanna), Units 1 and 2
Date/ Time:                   Thursday, June 18, 2020
5:30 p.m.
Location:                        Webinar (advance registration required)
Purpose:                        The NRC staff will host a webinar to present the NRC’s assessment of
safety performance at Beaver Valley, Calvert Cliffs, Limerick, Peach
Bottom, and Susquehanna for 2019, as described in the 2019 annual
assessment letters. Following the presentation, the NRC will respond to
questions specific to the safety performance of the stations and the
NRC’s role in ensuring safe plant operations.
NRC Attendees:              J. Greives, Chief, Division of Reactor Projects (DRP), Branch 4
M. Young, Chief, DRP, Branch 5
S. Elkhiamy, Acting Senior Resident Inspector, Beaver Valley
R. Clagg, Senior Resident Inspector Calvert Cliffs
J. Patel, Acting Senior Resident Inspector, Limerick
S. Rutenkroger, Senior Resident Inspector, Peach Bottom
M. Rossi, Acting Senior Resident Inspector, Susquehanna
Public Participation:       This is a Category 3 Meeting. The webinar will begin with a presentation
by NRC staff on the NRC’s assessment of performance for the sites
during 2019. Then, following the presentation, members of the public will
have the opportunity to ask questions specific to safety performance and
the NRC’s role in ensuring safe plant operations. Those wishing to
submit questions can do so in writing or verbally during the webinar. The
NRC staff will provide guidance during the webinar on the methods
available to ask a question. Alternatively, questions may be submitted in
Interested members of the public must register at the internet address
below. After registering, a confirmation email will be sent with details for
joining the webinar. This is a virtual public meeting where participants will
be able to see the presentation on a computer screen and hear the
presenters through their device’s speaker system. There is also the
option to join via phone with a call-in number. Attendees must register to
obtain the phone call-in number.
In order to participate, please register for the webinar no later than one
business day prior to the June 18, 2020, meeting at:
System Requirements for Attendees for the webinar:
If you have any questions or should need assistance concerning
registration for the meeting, please call or email the meeting contact.
Meeting Contact:            Jonathan Greives, Projects Branch 4
(610) 337-5337
The NRC’s annual assessment letters regarding each site’s performance during 2019 (2019q4)
information related to the NRC’s annual assessment process and the safety performance of
each site can be found on the NRC’s website at:
The NRC’s Policy Statement, “Enhancing Public Participation in NRC Meetings,” effective
May 28, 2002, applies to this meeting. The policy statement may be found on the NRC website,
The NRC provides reasonable accommodation to individuals with disabilities where appropriate.
If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this webinar, or need the meeting
notice or other information from the meeting in another format (e.g., Braille, large print), please
notify the NRC’s meeting contact. Determinations on requests will be made on a case-by-case
basis. Persons requiring assistance to attend the webinar shall make their requests known to
the NRC meeting contact no later than two business days prior to the June 18, 2020, meeting.
Action Matrix by Column

Licensee Response

(Baseline Inspection)


(Response at
Regional Level)

Degraded Performance

(Response at Regional Level)

Multiple/Repetitive Degraded Cornerstone Column

(Response at Agency Level)

Unacceptable Performance

(Response at Agency Level)