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Hello Community!

We hope you are all staying warm and enjoying good company this season. Many of us are feeling how rough things are on the planet right now, but we are keeping to heart what Grandmother Jessie Collins, our eldest, reminds us: "think globally, act locally." CRAFT is here in Southeastern Michigan to protect Lake Erie from the nuclear threat of Fermi 2 and we want to thank everyone who's been stepping up to support us, the waters, and all our relations.

For those of you keeping up with the Permit to Pollute saga, we want to extend another HUGE thank you to everyone who showed up to the public hearing this past Tuesday. Over 50 allies spoke up to oppose DTE's Permit to Pollute (number MI0037028) at the hearing hosted by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE). This hearing came at the behest of 200+ signees onto our public letter back in October.

But, even with all of this public support for our health and waters, they are still trying to sneak this rogue permit by. As Grandmother Jessie pointed out at the hearing, the permit was showing up as approved even a month before this meeting. They are still accepting written comments through tonight, December 1st, at Midnight EST - let's show them the people are still watching! If you couldn't attend the hearing and want to stand for Lake Erie, click below to submit a written comment.

Submit Written Comments

You can copy and paste this as your comment if you want:

Fermi 2 is polluting Lake Erie with dangerously heated, toxic wastewater, and I call on EGLE to redraft Fermi 2’s permit to protect our waters and our health.

We need:

• Thermal limits for Fermi 2, in alignment with EPA recommendations

• Regulation of radionuclide discharges to protect our drinking water

• Fermi 2 to immediately stop discharging banned chemicals into Lake Erie

• EGLE must issue a new and approved permit with these protections

Thank you for calling this hearing - please take this chance to protect our communities.

You can watch the public hearing and hear the amazing public comments at the link below. Comments begin at 53 minutes in:

Recording of the Public Hearing

And now, a few highlights from this month's newsletter:

  • We've included a brief report on the public hearing with EGLE. The team of 6 panelists they sent to speak with us was entirely underwhelming and uninformed as they knew very little about Fermi 2, its shutdowns and accidents, even coming from the permit writer herself. Check out the links above to make a last-minute comment before midnight and to watch the hearing online.
  • Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed into law several clean energy bills aiming to make the state carbon neutral by 2050. One in particular is Senate bill 271 requiring Michigan to get 100% of its electricity from clean sources by 2040. The problem is that their definition of "clean" includes nuclear and natural gas. Nuclear is absolutely NOT a clean industry, read on to learn why...
  • The National Radioactive Waste Coalition has written a succinct list breaking down why the nuclear fuel cycle is a dirty reality from cradle to coffin. Beginning with mining and milling of uranium, to ore enrichment, the fabrication of fuel for power plants, and the storage of radioactive waste, nuclear is NOT a clean energy solution. Check out the insert to learn more about this process.

Read about these topics and more in the Newsletter that our own Grandmother Jessie very thoughtfully researches and curates every month for our benefit.

CRAFT December 2023 Newsletter & Insert

Thank you all so much, here is to a safe and just energy future.

Peace and Safety,

The CRAFT Team

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Citizen's Resistance At Fermi Two (CRAFT) is an Indigenous-led, grassroots, organization, committed to an accessible, fair, and just energy future for all! CRAFT originally formed after the Christmas Day 1993 incident at the Fermi2 nuclear reactor that dumped 1.5 million gallons of untreated toxic, radioactive water into Lake Erie. We will continue to push for the closing of Fermi2, and for a safer world powered by renewables.