NRC Proposes $35,000 Civil Penalty to Radiation Solutions

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - News Release
No: IV-24-003 January 12, 2024
CONTACT: Victor Dricks, 817-200-1128
NRC Proposes $35,000 Civil Penalty to Radiation Solutions
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has proposed a $35,000 civil penalty against Radiation Solutions of Sugar City, Idaho, for two violations of NRC requirements associated with its use of radioactive materials.
Under its NRC license, Radiation Solutions is authorized to install, repair and provide other types of services on devices that contain radioactive material.
One of the proposed violations involves the company’s failure to confine radioactive materials to the locations and purposes authorized in their licenses. The other violation involves deliberate misconduct by a company official who permitted Radiation Solutions to take possession of radioactive materials not authorized in its license.
The violations had no adverse impact on the health and safety of the public.
Details of the apparent violations were documented in an October 2023 inspection report. The company responded to the NRC during a pre-decisional enforcement conference in December 2023.
The NRC made its enforcement decision after reviewing the circumstances surrounding the apparent violations and considering any actions the company may have taken to comply with NRC regulations.
The company has 30 days to pay the fine, dispute it, or request involvement from a neutral third-party mediator to resolve the issue.