Shocking Disregard

 Following the accident, many state and federal legislators were opposed to the restart of the undamaged Unit 1. Even Pennsylvania Governor Thornburgh was against restart until all of the safety problems were understood and resolved. But, it seemed like nothing was going to interfere with restarting Unit 1. The citizens surrounding TMI voted overwhelmingly to reject the restart. But, the ballot was only a non-binding referendum which the industry had hoped would give them the "green light." It would have looked good for public relations purposes but the company had already ruined its reputation amongst citizens and many legislators.

Three Mile Island Unit 1 restarted. Many citizens gave up the fight when they realized that even legislators could not keep it closed. That explains why so many people seem to be oblivious to TMI. But most citizens would still be happier if TMI were shut down.


Legislators Criticize Restart Decision

"The transcripts show a shocking disregard by the Commission [NRC] majority for legal requirements and its own regulations, unfamiliarity by the Commission of the major issues of the cases it is deciding, total reliance on staff and failure to control or discipline staff when the Commission finds that staff has misled them and withheld critical information from them.

The transcripts show a preoccupation with expediting action and the economic consequences of delay, a matter totally outside the Commission's statutory authority, with virtually no discussion of the substance of the cases or consideration of public health and safety matters which are the specific statutory mandate of the Commission."

Opening statement by Richard Ottinger, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power, 6/21/84. (emphasis added)