Spring Exhibitions and Workshops

It's March, and even though it's chilly, it's the season where I can feel Spring in the bright sunshine. Speaking of March, I remember the nuclear power plant disasters in Japan and the United States.
The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan began on March 11, 2011. The Three Mile Island nuclear accident in the United States began on March 28th, 1979. I'm thinking about what has changed and what hasn't changed in me since the Fukushima nuclear accident 12 years ago.
Looking back, I’ve had many encounters and learned many lessons from these disasters. I’d like to share my experiences and learning through art for our future.
I received a micro grant from the Asian American Arts Alliance as part of their program entitled “What Can We Do?”. I’ll use this grant to support my “Peace and Harmony” workshop. I’m looking for a place where I can have a Peace and Harmony workshop in Flushing, Queens. I must complete this workshop before May 10th. Please email yasuyotanaka@yahoo.com if you’re interested in this workshop. 
“Peace and Harmony” workshop 
Participants dye Japanese paper, fold those papers into flowers, connect those paper flowers, and co-create a spherical medicine ball, called Kusudama. Traditional origami work, Kusudama, have been made to pray for longevity and good health. This workshop consists of two parts, Itajime Washi: Japanese paper dyeing, and Origami: art of paper folding. These workshops aim to: heal our minds and bodies, connect us with our communities, and work toward a peaceful and healthy future through using natural materials and hands-on experiences.
Information about Spring exhibitions and workshops is as follows. I'm looking forward to seeing you.
Happy Spring,
Origami Workshop
Fukushima/Three Mile Island Nuclear disaster Memorial
Food Bank Community Kitchen: 252 W 116th St, NYC
Friday March 10-11AM
While praying for peace and health, we will make origami cranes using paper with beautiful traditional Japanese patterns.
13th Annual Anti-Nuke Power Art
311 Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake 12th Year Memorial Exhibition
Gallery Onetwentyeight:  128 Rivington St. NYC
Saturday March 11, 1-8 PM 
Sunday March 12, 1-5 PM
Opening: Saturday March 11, 4-8 PM
Women in the Heights “Women of Substance, Past, Present, Future”
NoMAA Gallery: 4140 Broadway at 176 St, the United Palace
Exhibit on view: Thursday March 23- Wednesday May 17 
RSVP Opening Thursday March 23, 6-8PM
Curated by Andrea Arroyo
Japanese Paper Workshop “Peace and Harmony”
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop 
323 West 39th St. NYC
Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26, 12– 3PM
Peace and Harmony workshop
Food Bank Community Kitchen 
252 W 116th St, NYC
Tuesday April 4 and Wednesday April 5  10-11AM
Discover Your Collagraph Workshop
Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop 
323 West 39th St. 2nd Fl NYC
Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26, 12– 3PM