Act 129 EE&C Filings Information

To the Act 129 Email Distribution Group,
With the abundance of reports and plans coming into the Commission all at once, I wanted to send out an email clarifying how the utilities will be filing documents related to Act 129 EE&C.

Phase I Quarterly and Annual Reports: These should be filed under the EDCs’ respective M-2009-####### docket numbers.

Phase II EE&C Plans: The Commission’s Secretary’s Bureau will be assigning these new M-2012-####### docket numbers.  This will help delineate between Phase I and Phase II filings and prevent dockets from getting overburdened with documents.

Phase II Quarterly and Annual Reports: These will be filed under the EDCs’ new M-2012-####### docket numbers.

As always, the Commission will try to post these documents within the Act 129 pages of its website.  We always recommend using the Search for Public Documents tool to find documents that may not be on the 129 pages.  Additionally, the EDCs are to post all EE&C plans, as well as their quarterly and annual reports, on their websites.  We have links to their websites on the Act 129 Reporting page of our website.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Please pass this on to anyone I may have missed.


Megan G. Good
PA Public Utility Commission
Bureau of Technical Utility Services
Policy & Planning