Act 129 Demand Response Tentative Order

Act 129 Stakeholders,

At its Public Meeting this morning, the Commission approved a Tentative Order soliciting comments regarding potential models for a possible future demand response program.  With the Tentative Order, the Commission also released an amended version of the Statewide Evaluator’s Demand Response Study Final Report (originally released in May 2013).  I have included links to both documents below.  Comments will be due 30 days following the publishing of these documents in the Pennsylvania Bulletin, with reply comments due 45 days after the publishing date.

Peak Demand Cost Effectiveness Determination Tentative Order

Act 129 SWE Demand Response Study Final Report - Amended November 1, 2013

Questions regarding the technical aspects of these documents should be directed to me via email or by phone at 717-425-7583.  Questions regarding the legal aspects or regarding process issues should be directed to Kriss Brown at or 717-787-4518.

Megan G. Good
PA Public Utility Commission
Bureau of Technical Utility Services
Policy & Planning