TMIA Newsletter: TMI Accident Entering Its 36th Year, (March, 2014)

TMI Accident Entering Its 36th Year

The accident that seems to have no end will continue beyond the lifetimes of most of the adults who nervously fol- lowed the news of the accident’s begin- ning in late March of 1979. Thanks to recent rulings by the NRC, it doesn’t look like the decommissioning of the damaged plant will get underway until mid-way through this century.

The decommissioning of TMI-2 is tied to the clean-up of Unit 1. Unit 1 recently had its license extended to 2034. Dis- mantling of Unit 1 is expected to take another 20 years, and it is during this period when the final clean-up of Unit 2 is expected to begin.

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