Action Needed: What would it take for YOU to CONSENT to Nuclear Waste

ALERT— ACTION NEEDED—public meetings and comments….
What would it take for YOU to CONSENT to Nuclear Waste? DOE wants to know.
The US Dept. of Energy (DOE) is holding 8 Public Meetings and taking written comments on
After decades of trying to force-feed the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear dump down the throats of Nevadans and the Western Shoshone Nation, the DOE and nuclear proponents want to know what it will take to get people to “consent” or appear to consent to take nuclear waste.
DOE openly acknowledges this is “consent” to future nuclear waste production as part of the “integrated waste management system.” They say that the future of nuclear energy in this country depends on this.
Meetings will be held from noon or 1 PM to ~ 5PM
CHICAGO, IL           March 29, 2016           University of Chicago Conference Center   
ATLANTA, GA          April 11, 2016             Georgia Institute of Technology Conference Center
BOISE, ID                              )
BOSTON, MA                        )           dates between now and July 2016
DENVER, CO                        )           and exact locations to be announced
MINNEAPOLIS, MN              )
SACRAMENTO, CA              )
TEMPE, AZ.                          )
DOE seeks our input on how to be FAIR, WHO to include, what RESOURCES it will take to induce participation.
They want to identify who adequately represents a community and will “consent” or claim to agree to take nuclear waste.
They are not defining exactly what or how much nuclear waste we would be “consenting” or not consenting to accept.
They are not asking how a community can refuse or express permanent “non-consent,” although you can let them know that if you choose to.
Although they have reports, diagrams of storage containers and systems, ideas and plans for the tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste in this country, they claim to want to negotiate with communities who would “consent” to take it forever or supposedly temporarily.
NO CONSIDERATION OF THE RIGHTS OR CONSENT OF THOSE ALONG TRANSPORT ROUTES IS BEING MADE OR REQUESTED. Although one of the greatest dangers to the most people, environments and ecosystems is the movement of tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste on roads, rails and waterways, DOE stated at its Washington DC ‘kickoff’ meeting that there is complete federal preemption over transport of nuclear waste so that would not be part of the process.
NO Consideration of  the rights of future generations who will inevitably be affected.
The nuclear industry is eager for volunteers or consenting communities to take the waste and for the US Department of Energy to take title to it.
Meetings will be in 8 US CITIES from MARCH TO JULY 2016.
Comment deadline is June 15, 2016 email to  Please include “Response to IPC” in the subject line.
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DOE website for more of their information and to REGISTER for MEETINGS:

Info coming soon at at Stop Fukushima Freeways
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