Three Mile Island Is the Sixth Announced Nuclear Retirement in the Past Seven Years

U.S. Energy Information Administration, June 13, 2017

Currently, 99 nuclear reactors at 60 nuclear power plants operate in the U.S. Since the first commercial U.S. nuclear reactor came online in 1957, more than 30 nuclear reactors have retired. Some of these retired plants were test projects or experimental designs, but most provided commercial power for some portion of their operational lives. Prior to the retirement of the Crystal River, Kewaunee, and San Onofre nuclear power plants in 2013, no nuclear reactor had been retired since 1998. Since 2013, two more plants -Vermont Yankee in 2014 and Nebraska’s Fort Calhoun in 2016 - have retired. In total, the five nuclear plants that retired in the past four years had a combined capacity of nearly 5,000 megawatts. In addition to these recent retirements, six plants are scheduled to retire within the next nine years. Four of these - Palisades, Pilgrim, Oyster Creek, and Three Mile Island - have planned retirement dates more than a decade before their operating licenses expire.