Employees Sent Home After Small Amount of Contamination Found In TMI Reactor Building



Exelon News Release: No threat to public health and safety

Londonderry Township, Pa. (Nov. 21, 2009)

About 150 employees working inside the shutdown Three Mile Island Unit 1 containment building were sent home about 4:00 p.m. EST Saturday after an airborne radiological contamination alarm inside the reactor building sounded.

The unit has been shut down since Oct. 26 for refueling, maintenance and steam generator replacement.

No contamination was found outside of the containment building. Radiological surveys showed that the contamination was confined to surfaces inside the containment building.

The event posed no threat to public health and safety.

A monitor at the temporary opening cut into the containment building wall to allow the new steam generators to be moved inside showed a slight increase in a reading and then returned to normal. Two other monitors displayed normal readings.

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TMI-Alert Response:
"This 'incident' is a harsh reminder that nuclear power is neither clean or green. More troubling is that TMI would send workers into harm's waybefore identifying the root cause of the contamination."

Eric Epstein, Chairman, TMI-Alert, Inc.



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