Activists: Please Help Flood the Senate With Letters Against the Dirty Energy Bill!

May 17, 2010


Dear Activists,


214 organizations and small businesses have now signed the media statement against the Kerry-Lieberman “climate” bill, which would give the nuclear industry $54 billion in taxpayer loans for new reactor construction, and an as-yet-uncalculated amount—but probably comparable—in new tax breaks for the nuclear industry.

Meanwhile, this “climate” bill actually provides less support for renewables and energy efficiency than the very weak Waxman-Markey bill that passed the House. In short, the climate “solution” the Kerry-Lieberman bill envisions is a nuclear-powered energy future.

The stakes are high: if we don’t stop this bill as it’s now written, it will send our energy policy in the wrong direction for decades to come.

We ask every organization that signed the statement to forward this link to your members and supporters and give them the opportunity to make a statement of their own to their Senators:

If you have a Facebook or other social networking page, we also ask that you post the link there.

5,000 letters have gone in so far, but we’re expecting the Nuclear Energy Institute and other industry supporters of this bill (Entergy, Exelon, Duke Power, etc etc) to mount their own “grassroots” campaign for the bill. We need every letter we can get with the clear message: oppose the Kerry-Lieberman bill.

Let us know if you’ve forwarded the link. We sent it to about 20,000 people (and we’ll send it out again soon). The Redwood Alliance sent it to 700 people! Thanks! Who’s next? Let’s see if working together we can get this link to hundreds of thousands of people by the end of the month and ensure that every Senator’s inbox is deluged with our message!

Thanks for your help,

Michael Mariotte
Executive Director
Nuclear Information and Resource Service