USA Enters Stiff International Competition for Next Chernobyl Explosion

From AxisOfLogic:

As reported by the UK, Wales, and France, operating the EPR under one mode of operation is a danger akin to another Chernobyl. From documents leaked by an EDF insider, we learn the experimental EPR is prone to a major - and deadly serious nuclear catastrophe.

As reported by the French group which includes nuclear physicists, "Sortir du Nucleaire," (The French Network for Nuclear Phase-Out)11 according to calculations by both AREVA and EDF, the EPR reactor is essentially a nuclear accident just waiting to happen.

In short, when the EPR is placed in the Instant Return to Power control mode while in low-power, this and the control rod configuration can cause the control rod clusters to be ejected during operation, creating both a rupture of the control rod drive casing and a high rate of broken fuel rods. This rupture would cause the reactor's coolant to leak outside the nuclear vessel, creating a high risk of a critical, major nuclear accident, resulting in mass dispersion of deadly radionuclides in the atmosphere - radioactive poisons that would spread in the air and water throughout the world.

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