10 CFR Part 26 and Susquehanna

Good Day:

Daily Event Report No. 46164 dated Augusr 10, 2010, involves an incident at the Susquehanna Unit 1 reactor.

It reported that "a member of the SSES work force was feeling ill effects from a Freon-12 leak."

It also reported that no "medical attention was required."

Section 26.23 of 10 CFR Part 26 defines the performance objectives for fitness-for-duty programs.

Paragraph (b) explicitly states that one of those performance objectives is:

"Provide reasonable assurance that individuals are not under the influence of any substance, legal or illegal, or mentally or physically impaired from any cause, which in any way adversely affects their ability to safely and competently perform their duties."

Freon-12 is a "substance, legal or illegal."

Freon-12 "physically impaired" a worker at SSES Unit 1.

That "physically impaired" worker received no "medial attention."

This is not, repeat not, an allegation that the licensee violated 10 CFR Part 26.

Instead, this is a question. Will the NRC be looking into whether this licensee complied with 10 CFR Part 26 when it provided no medical attention to a worker inside the protected area who self-declared being impaired by a substance, legal or illegal?


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