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PPL Asks NRC to Keep From Public Its Decommissioning Fund Report

 PPL, in April 2009, requested an exemption from regualations, asking the NRC's permission to withhold from the public reports related to the costs of decommissioning the plant and the "financial assurances" required by federal law; assurances that the company has the funds to decommission the plant. 

In this letter, a PPL officer asks the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to keep the reports "just between the two of them." 

To read the document, open pdf: 


PPL's Susquehanna station relicensing

 The Susquehanna Steam Electric Station (SSES) contains the nation’s 

19th and 20th largest nuclear reactors. The plant currently generates 60 

metric tons of nuclear waste annually. The SSES is a limited liability 

corporation (“LLC”), and out of the rate base. A license extension, uprate or 

Nuclear Trash On The River: Why Susquehanna 3 Is A Bad Idea

Why Susquehanna 3 Is A Bad Idea

Taxpayers should not have to back nuclear power

Monday, July 07, 2008
PPL has declared that part of its strategy to cure global warming is to add another
nuclear generating station. While PPL's nuclear stations have less of a carbon
"footprint" than their coal-generating siblings, the company has failed to acknowledge
the financial, radioactive and aquatic "footprints" associated with adding on to the
Susquehanna Steam Electric Station.

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