Proclamation from the Mayor

Office of the Mayor
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania





Since the early 1950's the United States Government has supported and subsidized the use of nuclear power as this Nation's preferred method of power generation, even though the technology is fraught with danger to the public health and safety, far higher cost than other renewable energies, and many unanswered questions about the safe disposal of its highly radioactive wastes; and

For many years opponents of this misguided technology and national policy were ignored or portrayed as ill-informed malcontents - yet these activists of conscience maintained their beliefs and gave of their hearts and souls to spreading the truth about the ramifications of nuclear technology; and

Locally these citizen-activists have been collectively championed by the renowned Three Mile Island Alert, which first formed in 1977 and is today the largest, oldest and most respected environmental awareness and safe energy group in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and

Following the March 28, 1979 accident at TMI Unit 2, TMIA quickly became Central Pennsylvania's primary conduit for accurate information and citizen activism, and played a key role in helping to calm resident's fears while focusing their energies on substantive action and change the nuclear industry; and

TMIA continues to serve as the key watchdog of this region's and nation's nuclear power industry with an active and expansive citizen-volunteer base that maintains its relevancy, even after 20 years of service to our community and environment; and

Appropriately and accordingly, the City of Harrisburg extends its fervent regard and appreciation to Three Mile Island Alert and its legion of supporters for their policies and the positive contributions they have made to our community, state and nation; now therefore be it hereby designated and

That the Month of March, 1997 be declared


In and for the citizens of the City of Harrisburg, Capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, with all citizens urged to recognize and appreciate the many contributions this outstanding organization and its volunteers have made to the safety and awareness of our citizenry.

Set under my hand and seal


this Eighteenth Day of March
Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Seven

Mayor Steven R. Reed