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Nuclear Footprint Ignored

By Eric Epstein


   PPL has announced its strategy to cure global warming: add another nuclear generating station.

Evacuating Three Mile Island:A Parent's Perspective

By Eric Epstein 

Central Pennsylvania is middle America. We enjoy holiday parades, Friday night football and old fashioned everything. We welcome the change of seasons and pretty much stay put from generation to generation.We’re used to America coming to us to visit Gettysburg, marvel at the Amish, and smell Hershey chocolate. 

Nuclear Plant Security Requires Guards at Entrances

By Scott D. Portzline


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will vote against adopting a requirement for guards at nuclear power plant entrances some time before spring 2009. 

The vast majority of citizens, legislators and government officials agree with Three Mile Island Alert’s petition for rulemaking to add such a rule.

Who is the 'reasonably maximally exposed' individual?

By Marlene Lang 


On June 2, 2008, the U.S. Department of Energy was expected to file its application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to move ahead with building the nation a nuclear waste dump 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, near fault lines and only 8 miles from the site of a 1992 earthquake. And above the water table. Has anyone told the DOE that water flows down, and carries with it almost anything that crosses its path?  

Why We Oppose the Move to Chester County

By Eric Epstein


  Exelon’s relocation of Three Mile Island’s Emergency Operations Facility (EOF) and Joint Information Center (JIC) to Chester County focused on geographic and technical considerations, as well as cost savings. These are important and meaningful components of this discussion. However, it is also necessary to review the history of communication and emergency preparedness problems at Three Mile Island (TMI). 

The 'Brown Side' of Nuclear Power


By Eric Epstein


Remember the environmentalist who proclaimed the dawn of a new day as he drove around town in his electric powered automobile? He chirped about the cleanliness of this mode of transport until it was pointed out that the battery was charged by the coal burning power plant down the road...

Well, he’s baaaaaaaack!  A little plumper and older but still addicted. This time he’s got a better deal: Nuclear power.

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