Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission   

   Re: Petition of PPL Electric Utilities Corporation for      

Approval of an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan, 

Docket No. M-2009-2093216   Main Brief 

Eric Joseph Epstein, Pro se 

August 28, 2009 


On October 15, 2008, Governor Edward Rendell signed HB 2200 into law 

as Act 129 of 2008 (“Act 129” or the “Act”), with an effective date of November 

14, 2008.  Act 129 expands the oversight responsibilities of the Pennsylvania 


TMI Alert Chairman Eric Epstein presented testimony in a civil lawsuit pertaining to the relicensing of PPL's Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. Epstein asked that action toward relicensing the plant be put on hold until unresolved water use issues are resolved. 

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 March 13, 2009

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff has issued its safety evaluation report (SER) with Open Items for the proposed renewal of the operating license for the Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Unit 1 (TMI-1), located in Middletown, Pa. The report documents the interim results of the NRC staff’s review of the license renewal application and site audits of TMI-1’s aging management programs to address the safety of plant operations during the period of extended operations. Overall, the results show that the applicant has identified actions that have been or will be taken to manage the effects of aging in the appropriate safety systems, structures and components of the plant and that their functions will be maintained during the period of extended operation. 

Eric Epstein, on Jan. 13, 2009, commented on what he considers the "premature request to relicense" the aging Susquehanna Steam Engine Station" for 20 more years.

To read the complete public testimony, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's response, open the PDFs below.