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Scientific American examines spent nuclear fuel

 Spent Nuclear Fuel: A Trash Heap Deadly for 250,000 Years, or a Renewable Energy Source? 

Radioactive shipment shifted, posed safety risk

Feb. 17. 2009

RED WING, Minn. (The Associated Press)

A radioactive piece of equipment shipped from the Prairie Island, Minn.,

nuclear plant to Pennsylvania in October shifted during transport, and had

radiation levels eight times over safety standards by the time it reached

its destination.

Contents of UK Waste Site Nebulous, Some Say It's From TMI


Feb. 18, 2009

By Matthew Legg Business editor 



Nuclear chiefs have defended a controversial decision to question former employees of the Drigg waste dump to help them find 

out what is in it. 

Nuclear power at crossroads; waste skeletons in need of closet

This analysis was published in the Press And Journal of Middletown, Pa., in September 2008.


By Marlene Lang  


We who live and work and go to school in Middletown are living and working and going to school at a crucial moment in the history of nuclear power. And so is the rest of the nation, of course. 

Who is the 'reasonably maximally exposed' individual?

By Marlene Lang 


On June 2, 2008, the U.S. Department of Energy was expected to file its application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to move ahead with building the nation a nuclear waste dump 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, near fault lines and only 8 miles from the site of a 1992 earthquake. And above the water table. Has anyone told the DOE that water flows down, and carries with it almost anything that crosses its path?  

The 'Brown Side' of Nuclear Power


By Eric Epstein


Remember the environmentalist who proclaimed the dawn of a new day as he drove around town in his electric powered automobile? He chirped about the cleanliness of this mode of transport until it was pointed out that the battery was charged by the coal burning power plant down the road...

Well, he’s baaaaaaaack!  A little plumper and older but still addicted. This time he’s got a better deal: Nuclear power.

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