Exelon: Still Time for Pennsylvania to Help Three Mile Island

Pennsylvania’s legislature still has time to help keep Exelon Corp.'s financially struggling Three Mile Island nuclear plant operating, Exelon’s Joseph Dominguez told Bloomberg BNA.

Exelon Announces TMI Closure – As the Nuclear Age Draws to an End


May 31, 2017

David A. Kraft, Director, NEIS


TMI Alert Press Release - planned closure of Three Mile Island

for immediate release: 5/30/17

Three Mile Island Alert

What's nuclear energy caucus looking to achieve?

Most discussions of energy in Pennsylvania today start with natural gas.  For much of the past decade, drilling in the Marcellus Shale regions of the state has made Pennsylvania one of the nation's leading energy producers.  During his campaign for president, Donald Trump promised to bring coal back and many are still clamoring for expansion and more use of renewable energy in the state.

NRC to Hold Open House in Middletown to Discuss 2016 Performance of Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Press Release

Eric Epstein - A one man debate team on Three Mile Island

Arnie Gundersen at TMIA 40th Anniversary

DARK CIRCLE: "Completely riveting" (Roger Ebert)

In this new era of sabre rattling, our "classic" film is being screened at the Roxie Cinema as part of the San Francisco Green Film Festival. Raye Fleming (second from left in photo above) will join me and co-producer Ruth Landy for the Q&A. Hope to see you! April 23rd, 12:30 pm.

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